Board Accessories

How to hold the Marker?

Natural holding, try to write in the way which is vertical to the whiteboard with moderate writing efforts. In order to ensure the effect of wiping, please use a circle way to erase. The erasing tool does not rigidly limit to the special erase, other erasing tools such as rags can also be used.

During the writing process, if the maker ink becomes light, please stop to press the tip of maker till the ink is enough.

If you forget to cover the cap for a long time,the marker ink becomes dry, or the tip of marker has worn down after long-time writing, please replace the tip timely. Put the tip up when replacing and gently pull out the old marker tip, and insert the flat side of the new tip into the marker and then you can normally use the marker.

How To Clean The Board?

Board clean, long-time use the board, Inevitably cause the remaining ink on the surface of the film. There will be some handwriting which is hard to wipe, cannot fully erased, or even cannot be wiped. Please wipe with a wet rag to remove traces. Do not use sharp knives or any other sharp and hard objects to scratch the surface. Do not mix with chalk, so as to avoid the problems of being difficult to wipe, or causing scratches of the board and worn tips.

If the ink is sprinkled on the clothes by accident, do not worry, soak the dirty part into edible alcohol and after a few minutes the ink will gently dissolve, scrub the dirty part lightly for several times, and then clean with warm water. After repeating this process for several times, it can be removed.
The main component is edible alcohol, color and environmental-friendly additives (like Edible glycerin, etc).

SWANTAO Series filming ink introduction

Our product is a kind of colored ink, processed with alcohol as solvent and supplemented by Polymer Nano materials and other additives. The ink and markers can be used for writing on the normal whiteboard for school teaching, office work, academic communication and children’s drawing and writing exercises. Other features of our product are smooth writing, easy-to-write, easy-to-erase and no dust pollution, which can directly replace the ordinary whiteboard markers. Our product has passed the SGS test and is more environmental-friendly and much easier to erase than ordinary markers, and would not leave any ink mark on the board! It is well-known that the color of first generation of whiteboard ink would form becomes powdery when applied for writing and the powdery color would leave on the white board, which is extremely hard to erase and might cause damage to whiteboard. “SWANTAO” series ink is the second generation of whiteboard ink. The color is automatically covered by films which are easy to erase. And the ink contains some components which can protect the whiteboard.

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