Whiteboard Supplier


In many settings such as a college auditorium, business offices, and other corporate facilities all commonly utilizes a whiteboard. Normally, whiteboards are very cheap and are available in almost any Whiteboard Supplier store and in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

Whiteboard is an excellent tool for instructors and exceptional for presenters. But all share a common flaw, they seem to deteriorate in a short period of time. Although most business and other facilities are equipped with smart devices, while many still find whiteboard as an essential element that keeps them critically intact to their businesses and finds it rather more productive when it comes to an executive board meeting. Companies spend big money on assets every year. Whiteboards are not expensive you can easily spend few bucks and get a new whiteboard, but everyone wishes to invest in products that are durable, long-lasting and sufficient for the company, in terms of asset retention. Swantao is a dedicated company when it comes to supplying durable and high-quality whiteboards across the globe.
Consider us as the official whiteboard supplier in the market. We are constantly innovating new ideas to create the most dynamic whiteboards available in the market!

Our aim is more than just providing quality consumer products; we want to be number one in the whiteboard supplier industry!

What sets us apart from the rest of the competition?

Ever bought a Whiteboard Supplier from whiteboard and found that its protected sealant begins to peel off after a few uses? We have fairly experienced these mishaps and completely understand how frustrating it can be. Therefore, we use a special PET white film, which is highly durable and the color of the board doesn’t fade for at least 10 years!

Plastics have a unique characteristics. They have the ability to charge and build a static on its surface, causing an uncomfortable “zap” when your skin makes contact with the charged surface. But with careful studies, our developers were able to create a non-static Whiteboard Supplier which is equipped with an anti-static treatment that dismantles any chances of charge build-up! At Swantao, we have also designed specific markers that would do justice with ease, making it fun to write and erase, with durable and long-lasting capabilities.
As a finishing touch, we have bordered the whiteboards with PVC and we use non-static elbow covers to cover the corners, preventing the sharp-edges of the whiteboard from exposure. In addition, the corners can be used for hanging the whiteboard up. We have also integrated the board with its own respective slots for the marker and the board duster, making it handy for quick uses and easy for storage.
The Whiteboard Supplier can be displayed on a trolley, which has been forged with light weighed elements. The trolley is designed with strong construction for durability and long-lasting, it has plastic wheels for smooth maneuverability and due to the sleek-design; the overall build is convenient for safe storage!